Embarked Aviation Support
Embarked Aviation Operations are high risk activities requiring skills and experience to effectively mitigate. OPSTAR's experienced Flight Deck Team Members, Flight Deck Marshellers and Ships Medical Emergency Team (SMET) personnel operate to the highest standards on both large and small vessels. Our disciplined approach to aviation safety and operational airworthiness ensures Embarked Aviation Operations are effective and safe.
Our People
Our embarked teams are made up of experienced Flight Deck Marshallers, skilled and disciplined Flight Deck and SMET Team members to suit each deployment. As a turnkey service, we are able to provide the full air department to a large vessel, and support efficient and effective operations in complex environments.
Helicopter Control Officers
Very experienced aviation operators with a high degree of organisational, legislative and subject matter expertise who ensure that key objectives are met. They are responsible for an entire air department including team and equipment currency, and scheduling flying operations in accordance with strategic objectives and legislative requirements.
Flight Deck Marshaller
Experienced in complex flight deck operations, our Flight Deck Marshallers bring skills and leadership to our deployed Flight Deck Teams. They are qualified under the Royal Australian Navy's framework and champion strict adherence to the operational procedures which ensure safety on the flight deck.
Flight Deck / SMET Team Member
Disciplined individuals who work as an effective team to facilitate aviation operations. A high degree of training allows them to work flexibly to support the operational needs of stakeholders and ensure the safe completion of aviation activities.
Our Capabilities
Medical Support
OPSTAR provides experienced and highly capable embarked medical support. An embarked OPSTAR paramedic actively manages the crew and passenger health of the vessel. From hygiene maintenance for disease control to mass casualty events, our embarked paramedics will manage the emergency health needs of the entire vessel.
Air Department
The effective operation of an air department is essential for the success of a ship's mission. From the Flight Deck Team through to the Helicopter Control Officer, each member works together to achieve the best possible outcomes. OPSTAR is able to provide the full aviation department to conduct up to continuous aviation operations, night and day.
The Ship's Emergency Medical Team is a critical safety team on any special purpose vessel. OPSTAR provides SMET teams in conjunction with our Flight Deck Teams. Cross trained personnel allow for an efficient staffing model. Continuous training, fitness tests and skills assessment ensure that when required, they perform to the highest level.
Training Support
OPSTAR draws on its operational and training expertise to facilitate our internal continuous training program, as well as provide training and exercise facilitation to our stakeholders. OPSTAR is able to provide continuous training to a ship's crew, including task specific training and workup support when embarked.