If your activities are remote, isolated or have unique and challenging emergency response requirements, it's our job to provide you with the solution to see your operations completed safely and effectively. We will provide a turnkey capability if required, or supplement your own staff to ensure the safety and appropriate response to an incident if one was to occur.
Our People
Our teams are multi-disciplinary and tailored to meet the needs of the clients risk mitigation strategies. OPSTAR only employs highly experienced and skilled operators. Whether they are Paramedics, Firefighters or Rescue operators our team members are drawn from the disciplined services and are clinically and operationally current in best practice.
Rescue Paramedic
Equipped, trained and ready to provide advanced resuscitive care in the most extreme environments, OPSTAR's Paramedics are qualified and experienced in Rescue and HAZMAT operations.
Aviation Fire Rescue Incident Controller
Incident Management skills, Fitness, Navigation, rescue helicopter operations and high levels of emergency medical training are entry level qualications and experience requirements for our specialist Fire Rescue Officers.
Emergency Response Officer
ERO's are fit, resourceful and team players. Most ERO's join us with a minimum of Cert 3 in Public Safety, Cert 3 in Advanced First Aid and have at least one other skill in rescue. The range of tasks an ERO performs requires an extensive internal induction program prior to gaining operational status as an ERO.
Our Capabilities
Medical Support
OPSTAR provides industry and government professional pre-hospital care capabilities in high risk and remote operations that require access and extrication from an isolated or hazardous environment. For this reason, OPSTAR has a robust clinical governance framework and on-call emergency medicine specialist Medical officers in order to provide best practice clinical care to patients in the field.
Search and Rescue
Search and Rescue is a niche capability that provides a turnkey solution from monitoring and detection of an incident through to the co-ordination and response of incidents with appropriate emergency services.
Aviation Support
OPSTAR provides a range of aviation operational support functions.
OPSTAR provides training and exercise facilitation in order to maximise the effectiveness of in-house emergency response teams to government and Industry.