OPSTAR provides a range of mission support capabilities to government and industry. We are the benchmark provider of turn-key specialist capabilities; uniquely equipped and experienced to provide our services anywhere, anytime. Our areas of expertise, outlined below, allow us to develop complete solutions, combining capabilities to customise our services to operational requirements.
Embarked Aviation Support
Embarked Aviation Operations are high risk activities requiring skills and experience to effectively mitigate. OPSTAR's experienced Flight Deck Team Members, Flight Deck Marshallers and Ships Medical Emergency Team (SMET) personnel operate to the highest standards on both large and small vessels. Our disciplined approach to aviation safety and operational airworthiness ensures Embarked Aviation Operations are effective and safe.
Emergency Response (Search & Rescue)
Aviation incidents are often remote, mass-casualty events where seconds count. Our innovative use of technology gives our teams a time and capability advantage at each stage of a response. The hard skills and experience of our team members provides casualties with the best possible pre-hospital care, in the shortest time frame.
OPSTAR is a nationally recognised training provider (RTO 45719) and is able to train and assess against a number of nationally recognised competencies. We draw on our extensive operational experience to deliver realistic and effective training that prepares trainees to operate in real world situations. We are also our own customer, delivering an extensive internal training program to our own staff that allows us to invest in and refine our training courses.
Aviation Operations Support
Aviation Operation's Scheduling is a challenging task requiring commitment and consistency. The ability to think quickly to solve unexpected problems and crisis manage the knock on effects takes an experienced, well trained and dynamic individual. OPSTAR's Aviation Operations Officers are experts in managing the scheduling of large fleets, balancing competing training priorities, legislative requirements, weather issues and maintenance program to produce the best possible outcome.
Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief
Humanitarian Emergencies and Natural Disasters are an unfortunate reality of the world in which we live; and we must be prepared to assist, both domestically and internationally, when the need arises. The scenes of such emergencies are often complex and produce their own risks for the responders on the ground. As part of an integrated response, OPSTAR is able to deploy its Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence systems along with its heavy rescue assets to assist victims and safeguard the lives of rescuers.
Critical Infrastructure Security
From teenage vandals to sophisticated saboteurs, the protection of Australia's Critical Infrastructure and Defence assets against compromise is a top priority for government and industry. OPSTAR's innovative use of deployable and mobile technology allows for efficient and effective layered security zones to be placed over deployed and fixed high value assets.